What is Horse Betting Direct?

Our goal, at Horse Betting Direct, is to make horse handicapping easier. Our computers do over 3,000 calculations per race so you don’t have to. Use HBD cheat sheets to better understand the sport of kings an watch your bankroll grow. HBD cheat sheets are set up for use by everyone from the novice horse player to the experienced handicapper. Our goal is to create a sheet that will increase the bankroll of everyone who uses it, no matter what their experience is with placing bets at the track. You can read more about each aspect of the cheat sheets on our “How to read an HBD pick sheet page.”

We provide a tiered betting system for our novice horse players, giving even the greenest of beginners a chance to better their odds of cashing a ticket. The tiered system provides HBD’s top 4 horses split up by our own system. Some races have a standout horse calculated by HBD, other races may have two horses that fill the top rung, other races may have three or four horses in the top section. You can quickly determine the number of top tier horses in each race, by looking for the “/” that separates picks in each race.

While using our picks is one way to use the pick sheets, our sheets offer a great deal of valuable information to even the most well researched handicapper. The main focus of HBD handicapping is pace. We look at the probable pace of a race and start our calculations from there. Using the information on each and every race pick sheet a trained eye, should be able to determine which horses will take the lead, and their probability of either holding their lead of giving way to a late kick down the stretch. While our system using a great deal of information regarding pace, each sheet also contains information and calculations based on jockeys, trainers, recent history, track history, track conditions, race distance along with many other facets of the upcoming race.