How to Read a Basic Sheet


HBD’s basic sheets are designed to provide a quick look at each of the races on a day’s card. For only five HBD points/USD we give you a quick look at our top 5 selections, the top two pace horses that will be vying for the lead early and coming on strong down the stretch. We also spell out up to five possible bets to help you at the betting window.

How to Read

05 – Prarie Meadows: Indicates the race number and the race track for the handicapped race.

8.32f Dirt: The distance and the surface in which the race was posted to be ran. Note: This is subject to change due to weather or track conditions.

(1-6-9-2): This is our tiered picking system. The greater than sign (>) indicates that a horse is a strong pick in relation to the other horses in this field. While a dash (-) indicates a closer pick between the horses. In this example we really like the 2 followed by the 6 then the 9 then the 2.

Time and Date The date and the time the race is expected to be ran.

The Top 5 The main section indicates the top 5 selection in order of overall HBD rating. The information on morning line is also included along with HBD’s fair odds lines.

HBD Early Pace: Lists the top two Early Pace horses using HBD’s Early Pace figures. These are the fastest horses out of the gate and the ones that will be pushing for the lead from the very beginning of the race.

HBD Late Pace: Lists the top two Late Pace horses. Many horses like to take it easy coming out of the gate and turn on the gas as they come down the final stretch. These horses have the highest HBD late pace rating, meaning they should be the horses making up the most ground as they come toward the finish line.

HBD Angles: This section highlights any live angles in play during the given race. More information on HBD Angles can be found on their own how to use page.

Wagering Strategy Below each race we now include some ideas on how to approach the betting window. More information on how to place a bet can be found on our Betting Help page.