Betting Angles

HBD has added two new angles to the tops of their sheets. Each one of the produces a ‘key button’ appear in different colors along the top section of the HBD sheets. Each key angle is explained below.

ML Overlay


A ML (Morning Line) Overlay indicator is designed to highlight the possibility of an overlay when comparing the morning line odds to the HBD fair Odds. An overlay is defined when the odds are likely greater than the true odds of the horse winning the race producing an expectation of a long term positive return.

False Favorites


A False Favorite indicator reveals a morning line favorite that is rated well below the other horses in the race. This can be used to find potential value in win, place and show pools along with an expected increase in the exotic bet payouts. In the example above, the morning line favorite went off at less than even money and finished 4th. With the favorite falling out of the money all of the prices increased. Our top pick won at 11-1.

Speed Bet


The SpdBet angle is a live angle that focuses on races where a horse with a large advantage in our HBD Early Pace figure has the figures to easily capture the lead. When this horse is also in our top four it is likely the early leader will be able to hang on going down the stretch and capture a wire-to-wire victory. In the example above, the 4 was indicated as an SPDBET and wired the field easily winning by more than a length.